League Rules

League Rules

In this season of the Pitfall Obstacle League it is our hope to bring together people who share a love of overcoming obstacles for a series of fun events. These rules represent our best effort to provide you with a fair, competitive, and exciting environment to train for year round but it is possible that we will need to make changes before the next season begins. We welcome feedback and suggestions which can be sent to kevin@obstacleleague.com

Age Groups

There are four competitive groups based on age:

  • 8-10 Jr
  • 11-13 Kids
  • 14-17 Teen
  • 18+ Adult

Regular Season Format

Each regular season tournament will have two stages of competition for each age group. Each competitor will earn points by completing obstacles on the course. If an athlete fails the obstacle they will receive no points for that obstacle but will be allowed to continue onto the next obstacle. The top three fastest times will receive bonus points; to be eligible you must complete as many obstacles as the highest completionist. The fastest time will receive 3 points, second fastest 2 points, and third fastest 1 point. The point values of the obstacles will be on a scale of 1 through 5 and will be determined by the league and revealed at the event, prior to the start of competition.

Each season will have 5 regular tournaments, each athletes highest 3 scores will be added together to form their season total. The top competitors from the regular season will advance to the finals.


Finals Format

The Finals is a series of disqualification rounds and is open to the top scoring athletes from the season.  Stage 1 and 2 will be run in the same fashion as the other tournaments and the top 10 competitors will advance to stage three, and run that stage in order of their finishing scores starting with the 10th place score and ending with the 1st place score, but stage 3 will be run as a sudden death elimination round, when a competitor fails an obstacle, their run ends.  The competitor who makes it the farthest in the shortest amount of time is the champion. If full completion is not attained by any competitors, completion time is the point at which the competitor began the obstacle they fell on.

Course Rules

Each course will have unique course etiquette for completion that will be explained to competitors at the event. In addition competitors are not permitted to apply substances to their hands or to the obstacles. Athletic tape is permitted, and super glue may be used to seal injuries but must be covered by athletic tape. Climbers chalk may be permitted on certain obstacles at the host gym’s discretion. No cleats of any kind are permitted.